How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

The Covid pandemic has changed a lot for all of us, in pretty much everything that we do. Family gatherings, weekend plans, work, and school for our kids all changed dramatically. A lot of things were canceled or moved back home. Like work. And for a lot of us, we didn’t have a home office to start off with.

A large majority of people are now working from home and they are working from the dining room tables, their kitchen counters, or a makeshift desk in their bedroom. This is just not the optimal way to work and it leads to so many distractions, frustration, low productivity, and the list can go on. All of this isn’t good for your mental health, comfort levels or relationships with your family.

So, just how can you create the perfect home office in your custom luxury home? Here are five simple and important home office ideas:

1. Carefully choose the room

How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

Make sure your office is as spacious as possible with plenty of natural light. The best way to ensure that your office has as much light in it as possible is to put it in a corner of your home. Just like those corporate corner offices, your room will be flooded with natural, energizing light all day. Plus, two walls of windows will make your office feel like it is almost outside. This will eliminate any feelings of claustrophobia you might experience when you’re in your office for 8 or more hours a day. And being around all that nature just outside your window will help you stay relaxed and focused.

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2. Choose your home office desk and furniture

Woman working in her home office

A standing desk can make work easier since you are not forced to sit and work, but it will look cluttered quickly without extra storage. So, if you love the ease and sleekness of a standing desk, then make sure you have some modern, open bookshelves for your documents and books. Add in some home office furniture such as a cabinet or closet so that you can hide the boxes, loose papers, and all the other things your desk usually collects. Built-in bookshelves are also extremely luxurious and convenient, and they can range in styles from mid-century modern to elegantly classical.

Of course, if you love your traditional desk, you will have plenty of storage with built-in drawers or shelves. Just make sure if your style is elegant and French country (which means your desk will be curvaceous and diminutive) you still add extra storage to your office.

3. Get the best home office chair

Home Office Chair

There are tons of types and styles of home office chairs out there varying in quality, price, and features. Since you’ll be using the chair a lot, it makes sense to buy the best chair you can.

Choosing the perfect chair is a very subjective thing so the best we can suggest is to go to an office supply store such as Office Depot and try each chair on for size. Here are some of the features of home office chairs to consider:

  • Height adjustability
  • Seat dimensions
  • Armrest options
  • Materials and padding
  • Lumbar support
  • Ergonomic features such as headrests, back support, and more.

4. Keep things organized

Keep your home office organized

Disorganization kills productivity. It clutters up the mind and makes you feel anxious and it can be distracting. First, establish the perfect place for everything in your office. Second, create an easy end-of-day clean-up routine for yourself so that you finish the day with a tidy office and a tidy mind. This will help you relax in the evening (or on the weekend). And it will also help you start off with the maximum amount of productivity in the morning.

Marie Kondo Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

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5. Color matters

Color subconsciously affects your mood, your productivity, and even your thoughts. Cool colors like blue and green have a very calming effect on your nervous system, while colors like red and orange are energizing and can also stimulate passion or anger.

So, if you are often stressed during the week when you are working or feel any tension or anxiousness, you will want to go with cool colors on your walls. Even though warm colors might seem tempting since they do stimulate your nervous system. But they will also increase your anxiety which will then make it harder to be productive. Instead, bring in the warm colors through accents. You could have a beautiful painting that is brilliant and full of vibrant reds and yellows and oranges. This can add the little pop of neural stimulation that you need while all around you are bathed in a sea of calm and cool.

When building your new custom home with Neighborhood Builders, our design team will work with you to determine the best colors for your new home office. Make an appointment to visit our design center today!

5. Add a plant

Add a plant to your home office

Having a plant in a closed space is proven to not only boost oxygen levels but improve overall mental focus. After all, oxygen is food for your brain. This means that the slight increase of oxygen in your room from the plant will help boost your mental focus and energy. Plus, the beauty and greenery from the plant will naturally trigger a calming response in your nervous system just like being outdoors in nature.


It is time to go out and seize your dreams! This means that it is time to build that beautiful new house you have always dreamed of. And give yourself permission to have the most wonderful home office that you could imagine, because it will truly boost your productivity, and your joy, and your overall well-being in life.

Make sure you reach out to us if you want to have a beautiful, productive, and creative space to work in and design the life that you long to lead this year!